10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your assets, personnel, and premises, hiring private security is a significant step. Valus Security, a leader in providing tailored private security services, understands the criticality of entrusting your safety to a reputable firm. Our expertise spans executive protection services, estate security services, corporate security services, and more, ensuring comprehensive protection tailored to your specific needs. With an array of options available, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re making an informed choice.

Identifying Your Security Requirements

Before engaging in a conversation with a potential security partner, it is essential to clearly define what you expect from them. Whether it is round-the-clock CCTV & monitoring services, or specific safety & security assessment services, knowing your needs will help streamline the selection process and ensure that you ask the right questions.

Essential Questions to Ask

  • What Experience Do You Have in My Industry?

Security needs can vary significantly from one sector to another. A firm with experience in your industry will be better equipped to handle your specific security challenges.

  • Can You Provide References?

Legitimate security firms should be able to offer solid references from past or current clients. These references can provide insight into the firm’s reliability and quality of service.

  • What Training Do Your Guards Receive?

Understanding the type and extent of training that security personnel undergo is crucial. It not only speaks to their ability to handle security situations but also their professionalism in representing your business.

  • How Do You Handle Emergency Situations?

A security firm’s protocol for emergencies, including their response time and the steps they take in different scenarios, is vital. This reveals their preparedness and effectiveness in real-time situations.

  • Are Your Services Customizable?

No two security needs are the same. A firm that offers customizable services will be able to adapt its solutions to fit your unique requirements, providing more effective protection.

  • How Do You Ensure the Reliability of Your Staff?

Ask about the vetting process for security personnel. This includes background checks, drug testing, and any other measures they take to ensure their staff is trustworthy and reliable.

  • What Technological Solutions Do You Employ?

In today’s digital age, the use of technology in security is non-negotiable. From access control systems to surveillance cameras, knowing what technologies a firm uses can give you an idea of their modernity and effectiveness.

  • What Are Your Pricing Models?

Understanding how a security firm structures its pricing—and ensuring it fits within your budget—is crucial. Ask about any hidden costs or additional fees for special services.

  • Do You Provide Detailed Reporting?

Regular and detailed reports from your security provider can offer insights into potential security threats and the general safety of your property. It is also a testament to a firm’s transparency and accountability.

  • What Makes Your Firm Different?

Finally, understanding what sets a security firm apart from its competitors can help you make an informed decision. It could be their experience, customer service, technology, or a unique approach to security.

Choosing the right private security provider is a decision that should not be taken lightly. By asking these critical questions, you can ensure that you partner with a firm that not only understands your specific security needs but also has the expertise, reliability, and flexibility to meet them.

At Valus Security, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, customized security solutions that provide peace of mind and protection to our clients. As you consider hiring private security, we invite you to explore how our services can be tailored to suit your unique security requirements, ensuring the safety and security of what matters most to you.


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We are comprised of prior Law Enforcement & Military members. From the leadership team, to the team on the ground, each member brings a significant level of training from elite operations groups around the globe.

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